Dalaleds Wisma imp. Swe.

Dalaleds Wisma
Sire: Tri Colour Triumphs Hicks Hack
Dam: Dalaleds Rally Sally
Date Of Birth: 8th November 2014
Hip/Elbow Scores ASAP Results
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Cancer Prob Test
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*Note on the Penn Hip test results: Please note they state that her right hip may have had some "cavitation" and could be an incorrect reading.

Some terrible news to report sadly is the passing of Wisma over the rainbow bridge. Her death was due to me feeding her a bone of the wrong size which she gulped and it lodged in her throat and asphyxiated her. Chris and I were both there and tried hard to save her but we couldn't shift it. A horrible death and a horrible experience. We need to let people know she was perfectly healthy but just had an awful accident She was a wonderful energetic happy girl and we have a very large and empty hole in our lives........

RIP Wizz

Lilacbreeze is proud to announce the new puppy set to arrive in August 2015 all going well! Anna-Christine Lirbank has again bred a lovely litter with fabulous bloodlines! We are so lucky to be able to tap into her knowledge of the beautiful Bernese breed!

Dalaleds Wisma is out of Dalaleds Rally Sally who is a daughter of Dalaleds Mysan (Tiaras mum) and her sire is TriColour Triumphs Hicks Hack. Detailed pedigree information and all health testing will be available as it is completed!

Dalaleds Wisma

Have finally met Anne-Christine Lirbank at Dalaleds Kennel!!! We visited just before our Ellitloppet tour May 2015 .... I also met with Wisma, Mysan (Tiaras Mum and Wismas Grandma ) and also Totten (Tiaras full brother)!!!

Mysan was a lovely lady very calm and friendly with beautiful confirmation and nature 💜💜
Totten was a little aloof as is Tiara. He is stunningly handsome with awesome bone and the most beautiful head....... I dream of breeding a dog like him one day !!!!

Anti is a treasure trove of knowledge about Bernese and breeding... Anti is very happy sharing her knowledge and it is great to have such good advice and suggestions available!!! Wisma is an out there personality..... Best described by Anti .... Where there is trouble, there is Wisma !!!! Ha ha ha lol !!!! She is a lovely engaging Bernese with a huge personality!!

Dalaleds Wisma

Wisma is to travel over in very early September (all things going to plan, not August as previously calculated) She will go to some obedience classes with us, as did Tiara, so we can form that bond and then some shows.

Sadly Dalaleds Mysan has crossed the rainbow bridge after an emergency C Section. The autopsy revealed that she had a stroke. Her two puppies were fostered onto another Bernese but sadly the male puppy has died over night, he was small and weak. The female puppy is strong and bold and is holding her own with her new siblings who are five days older than her! Anti has named her Xtrafina (Fina) and all our best wishes go to her... Tough start for little Fina but we are crossing our fingers for all.

Dalaleds Wisma
Wisma Wisma