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On 30 December 2017 Tiara delivered 5 more beautiful puppies!
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On 8 August 2016 Tiara delivered 7 beautiful puppies!
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At Lilacbreeze our focus is always swinging to the health and longevity side of our kennel.

It is our aim to try and breed sound dogs that can be your wonderful companion for a long time. Part of this process is getting feedback from puppy owners, and with all of our lives being so hectic this is not always achieved.

To be one of our puppy parents you will have to sign a contract that states you will have your puppy de sexed and also have the puppies Hip/Elbow scores done and read. This information is imperative to the ongoing health of our breed!

To make certain these extremely important certificates are received back to us (so we can have complete litter statistics available for your viewing) we are going to implement an incentive.

Your puppy will now cost you $3,500 (pet puppy only!) with $500 being refunded on receipt of desexing/hip/elbow certificates.

These contracts are legally binding.

We feel this information is crucial, moving forward, to our next generations.

So you are thinking about a puppy!

Bernese Mountain Dogs come with some responsibility... There are not many breeds that just want to be WITH you as much as a berner. They are a generally affectionate loveable big bear of a dog.

Berners do not do well left on their own... If you work long hours and are intending to leave your dog alone in the yard for long hours a berner is NOT for you.

Bernese also have some health issues that I strongly urge you to talk to a veterinarian about... Hip/Elbow Displasia, Hystio Cancer, Bloat, eye problems etc.

At Lilacbreeze our girls are health tested (as are the males we use to breed with) all health testing is available for your inspection. We have looked far back into the pedigree of our girls to help insure a healthy happy line. These things are NO GUARANTEE but hopefully roll the dice in our favour to achieve our aim. We want you to enjoy your Bernese.

Looking at the health testing is your right as a purchaser.

To be on our waiting list you must fill in and return the puppy application.

When we have a litter "on the way" we will meet with all our perspective purchasers and discuss all the details of what type of personality etc. you are after!

Please feel free to enjoy the website and find us on FaceBook to start getting to "know" the girls!