Our Girls!
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Australian Champion
Dalaleds Tiara imp. Swe.

Sire: Nellyvilles Dressed To Impress
Dam: Dalaleds Mysan
Date Of Birth: 5th July 2013
Hip/Elbow Scores ASAP Results
PennHIP Scores Pedigree
Eye Tests

Tiara has given birth!
Our happy news was on 8/8/16 with the safe and natural arrival of 7 bouncing babies 4 boys and 3 girls.
Mummy Tiara is happy and doing well as are her babies.
Pink girl weighed in at a solid 707 grammes and our daintiest is our late arrival Orange girl who weighed 525g.
Many thanks to Donna Golding (owner) and Lindsay Thomson (breeder) of Australian Champion Vevey Full Throttle (Lewis) and of course Anne-Christine Lirbank (breeder) of Australian Champion Dalaleds Tiara imp Sweden. Up to date puppy news will be on Facebook!

Tiara is a very typey beautiful and correct Bernese. Tiara is friendly to all but exclusively loving and loyal to her family. Tiara is athletic and willing to please in all situations. Tiara is very much my girl and we spend every minute together that we can. Tiara is absolutely no trouble to take anywhere and is happy to sit at my feet... My constant companion!


Tiara's Progeny:
Lilacbreeze Alfonze
Lilacbreeze Ardesh
Lilacbreeze A Special Acorn

Dalaleds Assai imp. Swe.

Sire: Bernermala Snofrost
Dam: Dalaleds Rally Sally
Date Of Birth: 16th February 2017

HS index A
VwB Clear

SOD1 A Carrier
SOD 1 B Clear

Hip and Elbow scores pending ( too young)

Assai has journeyed from Sweden to be another girl in our home with great lines for longevity... we are hoping we can show Assai after she has come out of quarantine.




Malicloys Isadorable


Sire: Jim Jum z Deikowej Doliny (Imp Poland)
Romanian Grand Champion, Russian Champion, Polish Champion and now also Australian Champion

Dam: Vindissa Passion Pop
Date Of Birth: 24th June 2013
Hip/Elbow Scores ASAP Results
PennHIP Scores Pedigree
Eye Tests
Our bundle of good natured joy! Issy personifies what the breed standard describes for temperament. Issy just loves people (especially children). Anyone who has met Issy knows her whole body wags with pleasure at being introduced. Issy is patient, tolerant, gentle, relaxed and extremely loving. Her specialty is the art of cuddling!

Lilacbreeze A Special Acorn


Sire: Aust Champion Vevey Full Throttle

Dam: Aust Champion Dalaleds Tiara

Date Of Birth: 8th August 2016

All health certificates and any other info has been put into Berner-Garde.

SOD1A Carrier
SOD1B Clear

HS Index B

Elbows Normal 0:1
Hips 2:3

Acorn lives a farm life with her owner/carer/ trainer Melinda, husband Henry and their two children Gus and Claudia.


Dalaleds Wisma imp. Swe.

Dalaleds Wisma
Sire: Tri Colour Triumphs Hicks Hack
Dam: Dalaleds Rally Sally
Date Of Birth: 8th November 2014

Some terrible news to report sadly is the passing of Wisma over the rainbow bridge. Her death was due to me feeding her a bone of the wrong size which she gulped and it lodged in her throat and asphyxiated her. Chris and I were both there and tried hard to save her but we couldn't shift it. A horrible death and a horrible experience. We need to let people know she was perfectly healthy but just had an awful accident She was a wonderful energetic happy girl and we have a very large and empty hole in our lives........

RIP Wizz

We have picked up Wisma!!! First meeting went super well... She was very scared at first when we got her but settled on the long trip home (ate some mcnuggets!) and travelled quietly and well. She is soooo happy to be here and is just exploring her new home. She is happy both in the house or garden and keeps coming back to Chris or I for reassurance. Wisma has polished off some sardines for breakfast and is drinking well. One happy little camper to be released from quarantine.

Lilacbreeze is proud to announce the new puppy set to arrive in August 2015, all going well! Anna-Christine Lirbank has again bred a lovely litter with fabulous bloodlines! We are so lucky to be able to tap into her knowledge of the beautiful Bernese breed!

Dalaleds Wisma is out of Dalaleds Rally Sally who is a daughter of Dalaleds Mysan (Tiaras mum) and her sire is TriColour Triumphs Hicks Hack.