Lilacbreeze A Special Acorn

Sire: Aust Champion Vevey Full Throttle
Dam: Aust Champion Dalaleds Tiara
Date Of Birth: 8th August 2016

All health certificates and any other info has been put into Berner-Garde.

SOD1A Carrier
SOD1B Clear

HS Index B

Elbows Normal 0:1
Hips 2:3

Acorn lives a farm life with her owner/carer/ trainer Melinda, husband Henry and their two children Gus and Claudia. There farm carries horses, chooks and various wildlife.

Acorn has free run of the property with Melinda's other dog Daisy (a border collie).

Acorn has attended dog obedience and passed easily through the lower grades and is now loving foundation agility.
Acorn has won 2 Best in Groups showing so far and is well on her way towards being an Australian Champion. Acorn has correct confirmation and lovely rhythmic movement (a highlight).


One of Acorns most recent accomplishments is passing the temperament test under the experienced guidance of Melinda to be a working dog on the Responsible Pet Education Program. This entails meeting hundreds of children from 4 years old upwards, to speak with them about being safe and responsible around dogs. Acorn is patted by most of these children, some having their very first "doggy" experience.

Melinda says that Acorns greatest achievement is being a valuable member of the family, with a temperament to die for, and could not imagine life without her.


Acorns hobbies include feeding the ponies, collecting eggs, gardening and generally being Melinda's right hand girl.... however her favourite is playing with her giggle ball and exploring with her "bestie" Daisy the border Collie