About Us

Sharon has had a deep love for dogs from an early age. When she was a teenager her parents had Tolskithy Kennel and bred and showed English Pointers. As a young adult and mother Sharon always had a dog or two or three as members of the family; strays or purchases had a great farm life! When the Lang family resided in Sunbury about 20 years ago a friend asked Sharon to whelp down two litters of Rottweilers and a litter from a Bernese Mountain Dog called Kimberly. Kimberly had a litter of nine pups with one of these being quite weak and ill... she rejected this puppy and Sharon had to put the pup on for all her feeds and supplementary feed her. That puppy (Basil) bonded with Sharon and followed her everywhere. When this litter came to be sold to their loving forever homes it was quite clear that Basil would not settle with anyone else... much to Sharon and Chris's complete joy, Basil was gifted to them for the job they had done raising the puppies.
Here begins the love of this breed... Basil was the most gentle and faithful of dogs. Chris and Sharon's kids could be completely safe around her as could any person or other animal. Basil went on to be a top level obedience dog at the Shepparton Dog obedience club; she never competed at trials but represented the club at events when she and other club dogs would show their learning and also be available for local children to cuddle afterwards.

At 8 years of age Basil was diagnosed with cancer and crossed the rainbow bridge in her home with Sharon's arms firmly around her.
This was of course devastating and it was only when Chris and Sharon found out about the research going into this breed... led by The Berner Guarde Foundation that they decided they would like to be a part of breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs with great health and longevity.
Two females have been purchased and are well loved: Malicloys Isadorable and Dalaleds Tiara (Imp Sweden), aka Issy and Tiara. These girls are to have all testing completed, DNA, Hip and Elbow, Eyes etc. and prove to have fabulous temperaments, and then and only then we will look for a suitable mate for them... who will also be scrutinized!

Healthy happy Berners with great longevity is our aim!

Sharon was a Pet Educator for the Responsible Pet Ownership Program at Schools and Kindergartens and is a registered breeder and member of Dogs Victoria. She is a member of both Geelong Obedience Dog Club and also Bellarine Dog Activities Group .

Sharon is an accredited member of the Victorian Canine Association:
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