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The aims of Lilacbreeze are to partner healthy, happy Bernese Mountain Dogs that have great longevity and are fantastic companions.

When and if we breed we will have all information about our females available including health testing, hip/elbow scores, DNA and eye tests.

Only well performed, healthy, happy girls will be bred to males that fulfil the same stringent criteria of health soundness and temperament.

We only breed a litter when we are wanting a young future dog for ourselves. So his or her litter sisters or brothers are available to the very best of pet homes.

Our foundation bitch is Dalaleds Tiara imp Sweden. Dalaleds Kennel has been breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1984 and we are blessed to have access to this wealth of knowledge and advice from Anne-Christine Lirbank.

Tiaras health testing results can be looked at under "Our Girls"

Any future planned mating will be under that link.

Puppy enquiry forms can be filled out and sent via this site.

Please feel free to enjoy our gallery of photos and short videos of our girls and we hope it brings a big smile to your face as they do with us.Also please introduce yourselves if you see us out and about... there is nothing more our girls love than heaps of pats and attention (well maybe food!) daily.

Our dogs live mostly with us in the house or our large house yard.

Sharon and Tiara

Bernese like to be WITH you all the time but when we are out they have a purpose built two room house and yard, air conditioned for our hot Shepparton summers and furnished with bed, couch and chairs.

Australian Champion
Dalaleds Tiara imp Sweden
Her New Litter!

Coming Soon:
Dalaleds Assai!

Our dogs are fed a grain free diet (Ivory Coat Grainfree) plus fresh meat, bones, chicken and sardines. They have a plentiful supply of fresh water at all times. The girls are walked daily for 3 to 6 Km on our sand all weather tracks through the farm. Their exercise includes a swim in summer.

As you can see Tiara has a lot of show champions on her pedigree, so there is always the chance of a really special puppy to be born into a litter... this is not our aim but we see it as a big bonus! Health, Longevity, Companionship AND Beauty... this is the perfect puppy!

Please enjoy our website, Cheers Chris and Sharon Lang

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